Welcome to BDL Project Supply

The management team of BDL Project Supply has over 30 years in the procurement and supply of piping, valves and fittings in all grades.

Having worked extensively with major distributors and EPC's worldwide, BDL has built up a large network of suppliers able to meet the needs of it's clients whether it be quality, price or delivery as the prime purchase criteria.

We encourage clients to test our capabilities in sourcing hard to find piping products.

BDL has also recognized the continuing emphasis on safety within industry, and join with Beaver Technology Services to offer an extensive range of safety structures and equipment to our clients.

New products are being developed continually to meet with the most stringent of safety requirements.

With our extensive range of suppliers, we have also been able to satisfy clients needs for an ever increasing range of products, including but not limited to merchant bar, deformed bar, ductile iron pipe and fittings, grating, portable LED lighting systems and maritime wire rigging and accessories.

We are continually looking to source new suppliers and develop new products, and will update the site regularly as new products are added.

We look forward to receiving your valued enquiries.